Aren’t Sundays the worst though?

Ok I still didn’t get around to formatting this at all. I was a good daughter and took my dad out for a Father’s Day lunch, and wasted a lot of the rest of my weekend re-binge watching a tv show that was a favourite of mine and my sister, mother, and friend’s, about 10 years ago.

My plans for this weekend, going in, were to go kayaking, write some of the screenplay I’ve been working on for the last year, and go to the beach. But instead I did none of those things, except wade up to my ankles in the river while my friends and I took their dog to cool off from the heat wave.

I think sometimes we build up our own expectations so much that it can be overwhelming. Truthfully, I didn’t want to go kayaking when Saturday came around. Partly because of the heat wave, but also partly because I literally just wanted to lay in bed and zone out. Hence the binge watching. (Plus I am addicted to this show, but you know, not the point). But I feel bad about it. I feel like I let myself down for not checking all the things off of my list that I had planned.

But the beautiful thing is, I know better. I know not to beat myself up about not working on the screenplay even though I’m hoping to get it done before the end of July. Or for getting next to no exercise over the course of the entire weekend. Because a couple days, here and there, of not working towards your goals, are ok, and actually even beneficial. It prevents burnout. Or maybe it’s a sign that you’ve reached burnout. It doesn’t mean you’ve given up, or that you should give up. It just means, today was the day to rest. I will still work on my screenplay in my spare time. I will still get exercise this week. Just didn’t do it this weekend, and that’s ok. It has to be ok.

Sure, the goal of completing my screenplay is to be able to transition from my current job, to working for myself as a writer. And not working towards that goal over the course of the past two days means I did not get any closer to accomplishing it – over the last two days – but it doesn’t mean that I won’t get there.

The point is, your free time should be spent doing things you’re passionate about, as often as possible (in my opinion). And if you aren’t feeling the passion in that moment, then clearly it just isn’t the moment for it. But keep chipping away and you’ll get there.

As a player of sports, I can tell you, sometimes you play better when you’ve had a couple days to rest. The key is balance.

I did however have a deer come for a visit today, so here’s a pic of that…


So I’m gonna rest up now, cause I feel like it’s going to be a busy week ahead. ❤