Well hello,

Just started setting up my new blog, where I plan to share my photos, writing, and music. I claim to be an expert at nothing, except maybe putting my thoughts down on the (web)page, so keep that in mind. I plan to play around and add much more content in the near future, but at the moment I’ve already spent far more time online than I would like to for a Saturday. I’ll leave you with this upload of me singing an a cappella cover of Vance Joy’s Snaggletooth. He’s definitely someone I have on heavy rotation right now, and this song is one of my favourites of his (although let’s be honest, I have a lot of favourites of his). Though I have to admit, I messed up some of the lyrics a little near the end (I was reading them off a website on my phone while singing. I knew right away they were wrong, but I was kinda caught in the moment). #sorrynotsorry

*Actually after trying for too long to figure out how to embed the track, I’ll just post a link for now to where I uploaded it to Soundcloud:

I really am just messing around today. I will be back to edit better soon, and add pics and writing as I go! This page is an outlet for me so I don’t inundate my facebook friends with all of this stuff! Thanks for stopping by. ❤